The Vineyard

The 1970s saw the emergence of Bonics winery under the impressive skills of the innovators of perfected senses, Jure, Frank and John. By choosing a virgin land rich in natural goodness in its natural and chemical free condition, the Bonics wrote history.

They uncovered the secrets of quality wine which is all about picking the right location. Jure started the legacy by recognizing the healthy potential of nature and the pristine environment, so he chose a virgin land in which vines could grow strong and naturally protected, producing the finest fruit without the need for any artificial intervention whatsoever.
John has developed one-of-a-kind equipment for producing the wines with his engineering and innovation skills. The result was a fine-tuned harvester engineered to meet the exacting requirements.

Frank has been making breakthroughs regarding the approaches of wine-making, powered by his instinctive and well-researched understanding and continuously exacting his craft.

For the past 21 years John and frank have been responsible for continuing their Dad’s vision and the result today is the sacred and most elegant flavoured Shiraz, Chardonnay and Blanc de Blanc wines.