Frank Bonic is a pioneer of premium wines

With years of experience and lots of awards along the way, Frank Bonic keeps the tradition of producing incredible high class wines as a synonym for a luxurious lifestyle and health continuing the legacy of the Bonics family. He is exacting his craft and has a singular approach to the process of making wine based on instinctive and well-researched understanding. Introduced to wine-making by his family he gained his Wine Science Degree at Charles Sturt University and worked as a winemaker for three vintages at Miranda Wines and a vintage at Brown Brothers in Australia. Wanting to further exact his craft, Frank worked on vineyards in France, Spain and Argentina. He also went to Grgich Hills in the Nappa Valley, California, which converted to a biodynamic vineyard after his visit. His dedication, inspired vision and passion have set him apart as a wine-maker and those same qualities filter through to his outstanding wine.